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The Panacea team is a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and who hold different religious, political, and philosophical views. A group that might not usually be seen together. 

What brings us all together is the common thread of themes that are so fundamental to all people.  Themes of healing, forgiveness, compassion, love and understanding through dialogue. 



Daniel O'Connor

Chief Storyteller

Daniel started Panacea when he saw that there so much wrong with our modern media system and the narratives that are promoted.  He saw a lack of positive narratives around themes of healing, empathy, forgiveness and understanding through dialogue.  Panacea shares inspiring stories around these narratives, with a recent focus around the city of Baltimore.

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William Batts


William Batts, LCSW-C currently serves in the capacity as an administrator for a local mental health program and is also a licensed therapist.  He believes across all cultures and races people are going through situations and circumstances thus, he is committed to the cause of mental health and helping to normalize the conversation by giving hope, speaking life, and using his gifts, skills, and talents for society.


Detravius Bethea

Kyonna F. Brown


Legal Advisor

Kyonna overcame depression, drug abuse, prison and teenage obesity and dramatically turned her life around to becoming a successful entrepeneur and mother today.  She attributes her dramatic transformation to forgiveness, love and her deep spiritual beliefs.  Today she leads the company Uplift Women's Alliance and a separate group - Forgiveness Nation

Detravius is the founder and current CEO of The Bethea Law Firm LLC. Mr. Bethea worked on prisoner rights issues at the DC Public Defender Service. He was instrumental in community re-entry initiatives and was awarded the Champions of Liberty Award for Outstanding Advocacy.


Daryll Green Baltimore Deep Forgiveness

Darryl Green

Founder of Deep Forgiveness, a non-for profit organization in Baltimore. He’s an author, coach and speaker who has transformed the lives of many on domestic and international platforms with his message of healing, reconciliation and Deep Forgiveness. 

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Loretta Blackledge

Loretta's a member of SAVE, a non-for profit organization in Baltimore. Loretta is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 6.  In 2006, her son "Smook" was killed in Baltimore.  Today she works to reduce violence in the city and emphasizes the need for more love and forgiveness in the city. More on Loretta here. 

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Daphne Alston

Co-Founder of MOMS (Mothers of Murdered Sons & Daughters), a non-for profit organization in Baltimore. Daphne is a mother of 3.  In 2008 her son Tariq was killed.  Ever since, she has fought to reduce violence in the city of Baltimore.

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Renee Ambush

Renee is the Founder of Out Tha Box, LLC which focuses on teaching and imparting hope, inspiration, and encouragement for building a
positive holistic self.  Renee overcame sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide attempts,
domestic violence, divorce, homelessness, death of a child health, Covid and more. She is an Author, Film Maker, Writer, Singer, Actress and Momager.


Alice Oaks

President of SAVE, a non-for profit organization in Baltimore, Alice Oaks lost 2 sons to the streets of Baltimore -- Larry and Irving.  Alice fights to reduce violence in Baltimore and currently works for the State's Attorney's office.  More on her story here.  


Melvin Russell

Long-time Police Officer, he brings stakeholders together to work toward the common goal of peace and prosperity for Baltimore City.  Russell is the former Chief of the Community Partnership Division. He created the non-profit “Transformation Team” (TTT), a grassroots organization of community shareholders.  Video

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Wayne Brewton

Wayne spent more than 38 years in Maryland prisons before his release in 2017. Creator of Project Emancipation, he promotes victim closure and ending violence in the communities of Baltimore.  He helped create a Victim Awareness Program which became widely adopted in Maryland prisons. Video

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Denise Reid

Denise is a member of MOMS, a non-for profit organization in Baltimore. Denise is a true leader in the city of Baltimore who is very active across the city spreading positive energy, love and forgiveness everywhere.  Her son Tavon was killed in 2009.  More on Denise can be found here



Baltimore-based Production Company

Through media arts education, Wide Angle Youth Media cultivates and amplifies the voices of Baltimore youth to engage audiences across generational, cultural, and social divides. Their programs inspire creativity and instill confidence in young people, empowering them with skills to navigate school, career, and life. 

Wide Angle Productions (WAP) is Wide Angle's social enterprise and workforce program. WAP provides intensive, paid, year-long training to interns in Video Production and Design, who create dynamic media that highlights stories of civic engagement for regional corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations.

**Please note: Wide Angle Youth Media is a future partner of Baltimore Humanized. Previous productions we not produced by them.