From the inner-city streets of Baltimore, Panacea is humanizing the struggle of the people across the city. While framing the positive effect of dialogue, empathy, forgiveness, remorse, and accountability, Panacea shows real and lasting alternatives to violence & revenge in collaboration with groups across the city such as "Safe Streets".


Panacea Media Humanized:

The world has been calling for a better media system.  Panacea was created to answer this call by leveraging the power of media to promote empathy, healing, understanding through dialog, forgiveness, humility and the pursuit of truth.  The negative and destructive narratives in our media have dominated for too long.

The mission of Panacea is to inspire viewers to rethink their own views on topics like forgiveness, remorse and ‘uncomfortable conversations’.  We can provide examples and testimonies of how our videos have, in fact, inspired others to do so -- this works.


“The storyteller is the most powerful person in the world. The storyteller sets the values, vision, and agenda for future generations.” -- Steve Jobs


In the short term, Panacea aims at bringing more people into the story in order to create more opportunities for further growth and influence.   In the long-term, Panacea aims to be part of a paradigm change from conflict to dialogue.


Founded in 2016 by Daniel O'Connor, Panacea has produced and published over a dozen videos that have attracted more than 1 million views. The flagship video was "Prison Dialogues" which alone, attracted 1/2 million views and media exposure throughout the city of Baltimore. 




The inner cities are broken. Violence, drugs, broken families...it's all a recipe for disaster. And if this wasn’t bad enough, this is a generational issue which keeps repeating itself from father to son. 


This complete disorder and desperation have translated into turning the once peaceful and neighborly inner-city community of Cherry Hill, Baltimore into "Mini Afghanistan”. 


As Baltimore City police Commissioner Michael Harrison often illustrates, this is not a crime issue, it's a culture issue. “..the ask is, how do you stop them from doing that? You have to change the culture.”



By working with local leaders and organizations throughout the city, we are sharing positive and inspiring stories that get to the root cause of so many of the city's problems.  Inspiring stories of forgiveness, empathy, healing and dialogue have been so absent from the media and is helping to move the city in a very positive direction.


Panacea highlights and magnifies the light which already exists on the streets of Baltimore. We are honored and humbled to be part of this story which they are writing which will have a real and lasting impact for generations to come. 

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