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A movement of healing

We're sharing the side of the story after the pain and the trauma -- the process towards healing.  Our videos focus on themes of empathy, forgiveness, healing and understanding through dialogue.  Baltimore has been in desperate need of a new narrative for decades and Panacea is capturing it on camera.  Join us!


Panacea - Media Humanized:

The world has been calling for a better media system.  Panacea was created to answer this call by leveraging the power of media to inspire others to find healing and transformation in themselves.  The negative and destructive narratives in our media have dominated for too long.


“The storyteller is the most powerful person in the world. The storyteller sets the values, vision, and agenda for future generations.” -- Steve Jobs


In the short term, Panacea aims at bringing more people into the story in order to create more opportunities for further growth and influence.   In the long-term, Panacea aims to be part of a paradigm change from conflict to healing & dialogue.


Panacea highlights and magnifies the light which already exists on the streets of Baltimore. We are honored and humbled to be part of this story which they are writing which will have a real and lasting impact for generations to come. 

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