From the inner-city streets of Baltimore, Panacea is humanizing the struggle of the people across the city.  While framing the positive effects of empathy, forgiveness, healing and dialogue, Panacea shows real and lasting alternatives to violence & revenge in collaboration with groups across the city such as "Safe Streets".


Homicides recorded for 2019


Rate of residents incarcerated


Lives below the poverty level


Living with mental health conditions

Solving the Problem

The other solutions haven't fixed things -- Let's try changing the narrative. The people of Baltimore wake up every morning to see in the news "Who got shot...who hurt who".  This narrative that they see only adds fuel to the flame.


Panacea uses the awesome power of media and story to change the narrative by flooding the city with positive, inspiring, relatable stories of healing that are so rarely told and heard in this city.

"The storyteller is the most powerful person in the world.  The storyteller sets the values, vision, and agenda for future generations." -- Steve Jobs

About Baltimore Humanized

Baltimore Humanized is a 5-part video series being produced by Panacea. The series features reformed ex-gang members and people returning from prison who have made it their life's goal to end the excessive violence on the streets of Baltimore. 


Deep, relatable and transformative stories that capture the genuine emotion of people across the city, Panacea will give millions throughout the city and country an opportunity to see and experience the real human stories on the streets of Baltimore and the heroes helping to change the narrative.


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See What the City is Saying

The media Panacea has been producing and publishing has reached the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people across Baltimore. Hear what they have to say.

Get to Know Us

We are just regular people who believe that great stories shouldn't exist in a bubble. These stories help the themes of empathy, dialogue, forgiveness and healing become mainstream.


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